Wednesday, January 23, 2013


I just went to look around and found that all my photos in many blog post has disappeared. I guess its because i forgot about the photos and went to delete the email. It's demoralising and makes me think that GYM dun want me to blog :(

2007-2009 blog photos lei!!! Few k photos gone :'(

Dian Xiao Er

These photos taken in 2011. LOL

Remember last time Groupon keep having offer for Dian Xiao Er's Herbal Duck, so I keep buying. :p



Me only care if I my hair look okay. Bloody Skinner last time. KNS

Now no more groupon on this. Sad :(

Thomas's 21st birthday celebration

I just realised that I upload all the pictures for Thomas's 21st birthday celebration but I didn blog about it. Thomas is 23 this year but anyway, since I've already uploaded the picture, why not I blog about it right? Although it's 2 years ago...

I remember it's a Saturday Evening, all of them meet up first because I still working during that time.

Kelvin cam-whoring.
Duno who's glasses.
Oh ya! I remember we got dress code, Checkered or green tee shirt. End up Kelvin wore a white tee and claiming that he following the theme because his tee shirt got green color *roll eyes*
Kelvin and edmund
I duno why he still can smile with a marker ink on his face. LOL
Present for Thomas :)

Finally I reached and we are on the way to Thomas's sister condominium function room.
Kelvin looking stress, I guess is because his foursquare cannot detect his location because bus keep moving.
Here comes the birthday boy.
Faster take picture with birthday boy.
Random Pic of Thomas
Door Gift & Chocolates~
Once again, 拍照被人拍。Edmund face look sibeh buay song. haha

Each of us take turn to take picture with Thomas :)

Just notice Kelvin's Tee Shirt Words. Speechless. LOL!

Group picture with the creative cute banner
Thomas's Family

Candid shot of them
Always ready for photo taking so no candid shot. LOL.

After that ownself take camera and take pictures. LOL
Fish Eye Effect


Everyone like a hungry ghost and took alot of food and eat
Girls in toilet confirm will take at least one photo. LOL

I think if people duno, will thought that kelvin and xf is couple. LOL

Then everyone take turns to wear the glasses. I guess it belong to Edmund.

Photo taking session for everyone
The creative looking and delicious cake.
Same with his banner

Machiam we in some club.

Going to cut the cake

Take photos with his parent and nieces

Cut the cake~
Thomas with his family.

With us

His friends. I like the guy's pose who's on the left in the 2nd picture.
"I am the god"

Another round of polaroid photos
I remember it's a funny birthday card from his friends

Door Gift packaging to wrap the chocolate. I still keep it now.
We love the banner. Everyone starts to take photos with it.

Yes, everyone of us. HAHA
One clearer view of banner

Posting with the banner.
Group pic with the banner.


Me and Edmund.
Our shoes. Gosh, I still wearing the same shoes but my shoes now is machiam 破烂。

One last pic in bus stop.
We went kite flying after that at Marina Barrage.
Confirm chop he is four-square-ing.
My eyes is turning red. Thanks to the contact lens.

Random shoots.

Guess what. End up dun have wind that night!!! So it literally change to photo-taking session.

Jumping shots

Trying to take special effect photos
I forgot how we did, anyway we saw my face is semi transparent, i trying to figure out how we did that.
Testing tesing

Testing in process

Then we finally succeed!!

It's so nice, wasn't it??
Machiam ghost rider. LOL
Three ghost infront

A bunch of "got ghost behind" shoot.
End this post with kelvin face :)

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